Fried Egg Rice Bowls with sauteed Kale and Red Pepper

Owning backyard chickens is wonderful. One of the best things is that you never have to run to the store for a quick dinner. You run back to the coop!

My husband and his buddies occasionally get together for early manly men breakfasts.  His friend makes eggs over rice with sausage quite frequently and its a hit. Sounded good so I made up my own girl-ier version with colorful veggies involved.

This “recipe” will only be a this and a that or a that and a this. Measuring this would be silly. So be creative and make as much as you and your crew can chow.

1. Make rice! Jasmine Rice is the best. Just so ya’ know.


2.Then you will want to start your hearty ingredients like potatoes and sausage. I have used ground sausage, sausage links and bacon and they are all delicious.
This is leftover roasted potatoes and sausage I made for dinner with roasted cabbage and leeks. (It was good)


3. Sautee up your favorite veggies. I always go for Kale and Red Pepper. They both taste so wonderful with eggs!


4. Put it all together. And  fry up your eggs.

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Do not make this unless you have Braggs Liquid Aminos to top it with. Its takes it to a whole new level. A touch of soy sauce will suffice but I highly recommend  the Braggs!